He had a mental health crisis. Now he sleeps in a box in Memorial Park.

Blaine Bellew dealt with mental health issues that eventually led him to homelessness. With nowhere to go, he slept in a box for months.

The rise and fall of Giga Watt

A Bitcoin mining company in central Washington state was the pinnacle of innovation. A year later it was in bankruptcy.

How the town of Waterville lost its water

The town of Waterville has 532 buildings connected to its water system — it’s determined there’s only enough water for four more. They’re at 99 percent capacity.

Leadership without representation: ASU battling lawsuit, seeking to diversify

An Arizona State University professor says the university has created a culture of systemic racism, so he filed a lawsuit.

Database: ASU employee salaries

I obtained records of every Arizona State University employee salary for the past five years and published them in a database.